PS Notebook

In an effort to show Dunegrass in action, we’ve built the PS Notebook inside of Dunegrass  The PS Notebook is a performance module for professional services (PS) that sits within Dunegrass. The metrics are based on real-world scenarios while the data has been changed to protect the innocent. We hope that it gives you a sense for what Dunegrass can bring to your business.

The below link will take you directly to the PS Notebook. Feel free to play around with Dunegrass. Go ahead and create messages and action plans.  You’ll be logged in under a generic user so it’s completely anonymous. If it starts to get messy in there, we’ll clean it up.

Also, if you’d prefer to kick back and watch Dunegrass in action first, visit our screencasts

Send any questions or feedback to feedback AT profista DOT com.  Enjoy!

The link can be found after the jump…

Here is the link:

u: demo  

p: demo


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