McKinsey on Web 2.0

New report from McKinsey on Web 2.0.  I found it remarkable that companies have only spent $1 billion on web 2.0 technologies.  Maybe my frame of reference is just off from the amount of money in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  It’s hard to believe that the value isn’t apparent to management.  I’ve been surprised at the lack of adoption of Web 2.0 technologies by enterprises, but intuitively eventual adoption seems inevitable.  Here are my favorite excerpts from the article.

  • Clay Shirky, an adjunct professor at New York University, calls the underused human potential at companies an immense “cognitive surplus” and one that could be tapped by participatory tools.
  • What’s in the workflow is what gets used. Perhaps because of the novelty of Web 2.0 initiatives, they’re often considered separate from mainstream work. Earlier generations of technologies, by contrast, often explicitly replaced the tools employees used to accomplish tasks. Thus, using Web 2.0 and participating in online work communities often becomes just another “to do” on an already crowded list of tasks. Participatory technologies have the highest chance of success when incorporated into a user’s daily workflow.

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