Why Intel is investing in social media

Andrew McAfee tweeted this post from Laurie Buczek at Intel on why they are investing in social media.  She has some great points on why improving the social infrastructure at a company is important.  The two below show how ROI can be achieved through better social media tools, although hard dollar numbers are difficult to come by.  I would love to hear more about how they calculated the “$$ impact” mentioned below.

  • Too much time is lost to find people & information to do your job:  The average Intel employee dumps one day a week trying to find people with the experience & expertise plus the relevant information to do their job. We have calculated some of the $$ impact due to lost productivity & opportunity.  Let me just say that it is motivating us to take action.
  • Getting work done effectively in globally dispersed teams is challenging: There is usually a window of 2 hours a day that team members can communicate real-time with each other.  Work in progress collaboration is often done in email, passing back and forth edited presentation decks and crossing discussion wires. Task hand-offs from one team leaving work and another entering are very rough.

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  1. twakefield
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    Here’s another good post from Laurie, http://communities.intel.com/community/openportit/it/blog/2008/10/14/knowledge-boots-are-made-for-walking

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