Enterprises comfortable on the cloud?

On the heels of the Chrome OS announcement there seems to be a lot of steam behind the idea of moving more stuff to the cloud.  Which is good because our business depends on it.  It certainly seems logical.

However, I recently heard some contradictory comments from David Blumenstein at The Hatchery, not surprisingly, regarding privacy and reliability.  Also, the recent outage at Rackspace goes to show that there are still bumps in the road.  Obviously, there will be information that is so super confidential that it can not be moved to the cloud and there will probably be some major incidents that test the belief that data is safe on the cloud.

But people seem to forget that stuff gets stolen/misused  all the time and things break whether they are on the cloud or not.  Case in point, is the recent theft of documents from the National Archives.  You’d think that stuff would be pretty well protected.

I still believe the efficencies will outweigh the risks and eventually the risks will be reduced through innovation so that they become de minimis.  But the conversation reminded me that whenever something seems to be inevitable it’s always good to question it and maybe this movement will take a little longer than I thought.


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