We are a private company located just north of Boston. We build tools that improve business performance. We’re deep in business process so that we can build tools that solve real problems. The best way to contact us is by sending an email to contact at profista dot com. We’re very responsive and will get back to you within hours.

We started our business as a consulting organization building interactive dashboards.  Our dashboards were visually diagnostic and mapped directly to how a business measured its performance. But we found the users of our dashboards meeting face-to-face to review dashboards.  In these reviews, two important questions kept coming up:

  1. What is going on with this result?
  2. What is the action plan to make to fix it?

While you can usually find someone in the business with the answers to these questions, things got missed. People committed to actions that were never documented. An important stakeholder wasn’t at the meeting so a follow-up meeting was scheduled. This behavior open up a cracks for things to fall in to, never to be heard from again. We went to work on a better way.

We knew that we wanted to enable the best business process.  So we mapped out a closed-loop execution system.  Then we applied technology to this process. The result of this effort was Dunegrass, a control panel for your business.  

Below is the team that made it possible.

Matt Cooke – Founder & CEO

Matt takes pride in applying technology to solve business problems.  He’s obsessed with execution and the impact it can have on a business.  His past experiences span operations, consulting, and product design.

Matt can be reached at mcooke AT profista DOT com.

Eugueny Kontsevoy – Founder & CTO

Eugueny (Ev) likes to create elegant software with strong emphasis on awesomness. After 8 years of programming industrial robots he gave up on machines and switched to software focused on the needs of human beings.

Ev can be reached at ekontsevoy AT profista DOT com.

Taylor Wakefield – Founder & COO

Taylor spent 10 years creating complex structured products and derivatives in the financial industry.  Now, he is excited to be creating something that adds ‘real value’ by building solutions that solve complex business management problems.

Taylor can be reach at twakefield AT profista DOT com.

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