Dunegrass is a control panel for your business.  General managers use it to improve the performance of their business. Good execution will improve profitability. While improving execution is easier said than done, Dunegrass can help you get the right things done faster.

More simply put, Dunegrass enables closed-loop execution.  The features that make this happen are found below.

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Measurement is at the core of execution. You can’t improve what you can’t measure. With that in mind, dashboards are at the core of Dunegrass.  

We’ll work with you to create a metrics map that shows not only your financial results but also the underlying operational drivers. Then we’ll pull your data into Dunegrass where areas of strength and weakness will easy to spot.

If you already have a BI solution with dashboards, no problem.  Dunegrass can “wrap” itself around your existing dashboards, allowing you to transform your BI investment into an investment in execution.


When reviewing performance in a dashboard, you’ll find yourself uttering “Hmmm.  Why did that happen?”. We found ourselves asking the same thing. So we built collaboration into Dunegrass.  

When viewing a dashboard in Dunegrass, you can click the “Create a message” button. You’ll then be able to ask your question right in the context of the offending metric. The message will be sent via an email containing the text of the message, the name of the initiative or metric you are discussing, and a link to Dunegrass. You can either click on the link and reply within Dunegrass or just reply via email. The system will track the discussion and log it for the rest of the team to see.

“Robust dialogue brings out reality, even when that reality makes people uncomfortable” – Execution, the discipline of getting things done

Watch a screencast of collaboration in action.

Action Plans

After you have sufficiently discussed an initiative or metric, the next step is to create an action plan that states what you are going to do about it. Again, it’s important to maintain the context of the initiative or metric that you are going to take action on.

We allow you to click “Create action plan” anywhere in Dunegrass. You can then create an action plan with the following attributes: title, description, expected result, expected timeframe, and owner.

Once created, your action plan will be added to a list of all the active action plans for your business. You now have one place to go to see what your people are working on and the results they expect to achieve.

“We have a strategic plan, it’s called doing things” – Herb Kelleher, founder of Southwest Airlines

Watch a screencast of action plans in action.


Dunegrass will be hosted by us on our secure, fast, and reliable infrastructure. You can be up and running in just eight weeks without involvement from your IT department. All data and communication will be encrypted for security, backed up daily, and available to you from any web browser.

Visit our online demo to see Dunegrass for yourself.

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