Our software, Dunegrass, is a control panel for general managers. It allows you to manage your business from a single pane, creating linkages between strategic objectives, business performance, and your people. These linkages insure that the people in your business are executing on the right things and getting them done fast.

We believe that businesses able to take action quickly will make more money than those that do not. Taking action quickly increases productivity which in turn, increases profitability.  

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Dunegrass has been designed to enable closed-loop execution, where nothing slips through the cracks. Where people are held accountable for results. Where the best ideas surface to the top. Where the things you want to get done, get done.

Dunegrass can get you there. It closes the loop by establishing linkages between the following elements:

  1. Strategic initiatives that break your strategy into actionable chunks
  2. Measurements that track the performance of the business
  3. Robust dialogue amongst the management to drive a reality-based diagnosis of any issues
  4. Action plans that are measurable in terms of both speed and results
  5. Ownership of results

The strength of these linkages is the difference between a business that executes well and one that gets left behind.

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